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Choosing our cabin

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Our cabin selection was not a rushed choice.

Initially we wanted to build something ourselves, I mean that's the dream really. Small self build project that is completely unique from anything else around us.

Sadly, It became obvious this would be a time consuming process, balancing work, kids and a cabin build. The site prep alone was going to be a huge take on.

The stress of it was going to be too much and that's not what we wanted.

Building would take a long time to see any return on the project. At the end of the day this was a business venture and a balance of cost and time was carefully thought of.

The site as mentioned was overgrown and needed a lot of work to be manageable. (Read our RH Journey blog for more).

Not building the accommodation meant we could focus on everything else and still have an achievable timeline.

This proved to work out well for us, resulting in welcoming guests in just a little over 1 year from starting.

That may seem long to some reading this but if you take for example clearing the site for grass seeding took weeks of picking up stones from the site by hand and wheelbarrow, then you get the idea.

We started completely from scratch.

So, We began looking at pre-built shepherd huts and was very close to going for it, but by pure chance we stumbled across Corr Cabins, situated only 3hours drive away in Edinburgh.

Once we seen the Corr Cabin design, everything clicked into place and other options took a back seat. I mean we fell in love with what they had created.

We met the Corr team and loved the design and elegance of what they had to offer, not to mention the support and experience they shared with us.

The cabin was Exactly what we liked, modern with rustic touches but also room to add our own ideas and finishes.

Corr were also a young business when we approached them, only having one cabin newly finished.

The guys kindly offered us a nights stay in the Cabin at Monachyle Mohr and that was it, we loved it. This was the one.

Looking back now the timing of everything was perfect. Soon after purchasing, along came Covid and the cost of everything ramped up. We had truly dodged a bullet.

If we hadn't started when we did it wouldn't have been possible for us. Not with how things have turned out this year with everything going so crazy.

Soon after the build started, it all got real pretty quick.

Long story short,

It now sits beautifully in our setting. The big picture window takes the outdoors into the cabin...... We live here and see the view daily but for some reason, once it is framed and your sitting by a woodfired stove, glass in hand, it just transforms and gives a totally new perspective. We feel it is the perfect blend of nature, beautiful skies with the comfort of king sized bed.

The Cabins are 2 birth and fully fitted with everything you will need. Rustic hollow site and cabin is a place designed for a bit of romance and escapism.

Nature and the outdoors is great for the mind and sole and the powers of switching off from the 'norm', breathing in the sea air, just works.

Obviously we are not just restricted to couples (or friends who don't mind sharing a duvet). It can also be a place to escape on your own, write a new song, gather your thoughts or work on your next masterpiece, whatever that may be.

A quiet spot to relax between golfing the many courses in our area. A stop off on your route round the North east 250, you get the idea. A small, family run, private site that is hidden away.....out of sight, out of mind to make it your own experience.

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