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Terms and conditions

When you submit a booking via our online reservation system you will have read and accepted our terms and conditions - and this form is a contract between us.

Bookings and payments 

Bookings can be made via Paypal using our online booking system on the website. If you wish to pay by bank transfer please contact

We require full payment upon booking. If this is an issue, please contact us.

On receipt of your payment, a confirmation will be sent to the email address provided confirming the details of your stay. If you have not recieved your booking confirmation within 24hrs, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Checking in and out

The Cabin will be available from 3pm. Unless requested, access to the cabin is left purely to the guests. The key will be located at the Cabins car park. All required information will be within the welcome pack which will be sent along with confirmation of the booking.

Check-out time for the Cabin is 11am

Early check-in and late check-out 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer an early check in or late check out at the moment. 

Guest no-show

If you can no longer arrive on the first day of your booking, please let us know. If you have'nt arrived by midday on the second day of your stay and we have'nt heard from you, we'll cancel your booking. 


The cabin is adult only.


Unfortunately our cabin is not suitable for large dogs, so to keep things fair and simple, we have decided that no pets are allowed.


No smoking in the cabin. 

Questions, requests and problems during your stay

We want you to have a great stay and experiance here at Rustic Hollow so if there are any questions, problems, requests or anywhere we can assist please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. All contact information will also be provided in the welcome pack. We also live on site so we are always on hand for anything.

Damages and repairs

Please leave the cabin clean, tidy, and in the same general condition it was in when you arrived. We fully understand accidents happen, however we reserve the right to charge the booking guest for any damages caused by any member of the booking party during the course of your stay. This includes breakages, spillages, stains, damage to furniture or fixtures and fittings. The value of such repairs or replacements will be charged.

Any damage should be reported as soon as possible. Lost keys will incur a replacement charge per key lost.


We keep an inventory of everything in each Cabin and refer to it before and after each stay. Missing items from the cabin will be invoiced to you for its replacement.


Only the lead guest and the named booking party are allowed to use the property and it's facillities. We don't allow visitors during your stay.


For your Safety and Health-General Responsibility

Please use the site at your own lesiure, however we cannot accept any responsibility for any accidents, injuries, loss or damage suffered during your stay- either in the Cabin or the site.  We ask guests to take extra care whilst using paths and our boardwalk.

We also ask guests to take extra care when using the access road and car park, we will not be responsible for any damage, The access and carpark has been finished with a large boulder surround, care should be taking when parking and maneuvering.

Unforseen Circumstances

We cannot accept responsibility or be responsible for compensation in a situation that cannot be avoided, forseen or is in any way out of our control. The event may include any kind of deconstruction or damage through fire, flood, explosion, storm, weather damage, break in, criminal damage, adverse weather and any similar situation beyond the owners' control.

Inappropriate conduct

Guests undertake to behave in a proper, appropriate, and legal manner with due respect to the owner and the property. If any guest behaves innapropriately, Rustic Hollow reserves the right to ask the guest and their party to leave the site before the end of the holiday and no refund will be issued.

Our terms and conditions exist to keep our staff and customers safe, and to help us deliver high quality experiences time after time. If you break the terms of your stay, we reserve the right to ask you to leave without a refund. 

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