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6. The end is in sight

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Grass seed time…you have no idea how happy we were to finally see the grass seed going down.

It was a little over 1 year since starting the access road. But it was done.

It was now just a waiting game, but the weather was perfect. Warm and plenty rain. A few weeks past and signs of life started to emerge.

It was only 8weeks until the site really greened up. The green grass and the black of the cabin cladding really started to pop. Happy happy happy.

Sad thing is we had stirred up about a decade of weed seeds too.

This is still an ongoing battle but with every cut it is getting better and it will soon be the meadow we dreamed of.

We planted a lot of seedlings in the spring. Mostly ornamental grasses to keep inline with the planting scheme.

They were all in the ground by summer starting and are romping away.

With the main structures done and the key planting in the ground it was time to look at the details.

Lighting went in and completely transformed the sight.

A super sexy neon light installed, perfect for the selfie lovers out there.

With the area for the bath completed, we just needed the bath.

Copper, tin finished outdoor bath. Lovely!!

We had debated between bath or hot tub but again wanted to be unique for our area and we haven't seen any other outdoor baths around here. So bath it was.

The interior of the cabin was completed in subtle, calming blush pink finishes and the hole thing has just came together.

We stayed in the cabin one night in June to give it a good test run and we couldn't be happier.

Was close to just keeping it just for ourselves…..

Even the same view we have looked at for years seems completely new from the cabin. Really is a relaxing space.

Well, we finally made it and officially opened for bookings in August 2022. Not bad for 16months work.

Really cant wait in welcoming guests to chill out at Rustic Hollow.

We have really enjoyed writing this blog series about our journey.

It has been nice to look back at the pictures.

It has gave us some perspective on what we have achieved and how much the site has transformed.

As everything establishes and wildlife takes over again, we honestly believe, it is only going to get better.

If you made it this far, enjoyed what you have read/seen, let us know and we will continue to do similar posts and share our experiences as we open the doors.

We really think getting a little insight to the people behind the places we visit can help people feel at ease once they are there.

Hope you now press the Book button and come for a stay.

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