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4. We’ve made a mess

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

As the colder, wetter months rolled in we focused on tree planting and progressing the hard landscaping.

We bought all of our trees bare root, a huge saving and began planting up. StudioMam assisted us again with sourcing the bareroot trees.

This is the perfect time for planting trees, when they are dormant.

It wasn't the easiest of task building the boardwalk and seating areas through winter but every day we edged forward and made really good progress by spring.

We were so desperate to get the seed sown for the grass and meadow areas, but we had to wait for the right time and the weather. We felt so far away at this point from achieving our goal for opening late spring/summer.

We had looked at a muddy field for 6months. And at times it got a little depressing.

What have we done?

You have to break an egg to make an omelette I guess.

Well the egg is well and truly broken.

Luckily our site is pretty free draining and it dried up quick in the new year of 2022 as the weather improved.

In the meantime Corr were busy building the cabin and were nearing the end.

Exciting times ahead.

Delivery was just around the corner.

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