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Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Our cabin has the basic components you may need during your stay.

None of which are overly complicated to use and some of which you wont have to even think about, but here's a little info that may be of some use during your stay.

  • Outdoor bath, Our favourite feature. Nothing much to mention here, just enjoy. We do advise that when planning to take a soak be mindful of hot water usage. Although the system heats up pretty quick we would suggest not running both shower and bath at the same time. The bath holds a lot of water and the water heater will need time to catch up after use.

  • The Shower, Nice powerful shower with loads of space. The hot water is always on and heats up as required. As said above, Just bare in mind if you are running a hot bath or showering a lot you may have to wait for it to heat up again but this wont be the case with normal usage.

  • The underfloor heating is set by timer and thermostat. It is timed to come on at the most sufficient times required. We ask that our guest don't play around with the settings but of course we don't want anyone to be cold in the dead of winter so don't suffer in silence let us know and we can get you a jacket.... Just joking, we will check it out. The Cabin is super insulated and once you have mastered the stove it is the best source of heating ever.

  • On the opposite side of being too cold, being too hot. In the summer months we know it can get hot and stuffy wherever you go but to try help, we have provided a fan under the bed that is nice and quite and cools the space down perfectly.

  • There is a small hand held hoover also under the bed for the people who hate crumbs.

  • We have also provided a battery lantern and a bluetooth speaker. feel free to use these around the site. Little music when at the fire pit maybe.

  • The Electric hob is an induction Hob and will only work with the pots/pans provided. You select the hob/ring you want to get hot and adjust the temp accordingly to whatever dish you are creating. There are only a few buttons so not a lot to go wrong. One thing that can confuse people is that the pan/pot must be on the ring before it will allow you to turn the heat on or up.

  • The Fridge, what can we say. It will cool stuff down. If it isn't or there are issues. please let us know straight away.

  • The TV is a Samsung smart TV. It has Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney plus, BBC iplayer, STV etc all built in. Guests usually use their own logins and go from there.

  • Wi-Fi, The Wi-Fi password will be provided and found within the cabin. We live in a rural part of Scotland where the Wi-Fi is not like city life. However, it is good enough to stream movies, catch up on emails or upload your latest Instagram pictures to #rustic_hollow_cabin.

We want you guys to have the best stay at our little site and enjoy the spot without any hassles. Please contact us at anytime if you are struggling with something in the cabin or have an issues. No question is a silly one and if we can help we will.

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