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Updated: Apr 30, 2023

At the Beginning of 2019 the opportunity to purchase our neighbouring field came unexpected but was too good to miss.

After purchasing, the idea of setting up a holiday rental began and our imaginations ran wild, such an exciting new chapter for us.

We had the site, filled with potential and great ideas but it took a further 2 years to get things in motion, seems crazy writing that now but that’s what it took.

Work really started early 2021 and before long, we had access, water and electric. We had cleared all the fallen, dead trees and started clearing up the site, the untamed apple trees got there first pruning in years and the overgrown field was tamed. Every month progress moved forward and things started coming together. By autumn the messy part was complete and the cabin build had begun.

It is such a beautiful spot and we are so excited to see the changes as the trees mature and the cabin relaxes into the surroundings. Nature is claiming back the space and the muddy field recovered. Its so nice to say the work is now complete and the finishing touches done.

We have watched rabbits, deer, pheasants and the odd fox make this there play area and wanted to keep this in mind when setting up the site, making sure not to spoil the area where nature has wandered past our door for years. with the diggers gone and new meadow grass seed sown it is a pleasure to see the animals return, although the deer do like to nibble on our new trees.

The site is just outside Macduff approx. 45mins North of Aberdeen.

Within a few mins drive in any direction you would find yourself in one of the many beautiful coastal villages, stunning castle grounds, have a choice of golf courses to play or could walk for miles in woods, beaches, or coastal paths.

The Cabin sits at the bottom of the site where it catches the sun all day, you can enjoy the undisturbed views of the rural landscape and North Sea, not to mention a vast view of the every changing sky and colourful sunsets.

Every passing week the site is maturing and As the trees and ornamental grasses establish, the cabin and site are settling to become one with nature. Its great to see and finally be at this stage.

Thanks for reading!

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