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Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Hi and thank you for visiting our site.

We are Holly and Stuart, creators/dreamers of Rustic Hollow. Below is a little about us and the idea behind our holiday cabin.

Back in 2014, we decided to move from our first house in the nearby village of Gardenstown to the outskirts of Macduff. We always wanted a space in the countryside to call our own and Hogland Park was it. Since then we have had two kids and the benefits of rural living has been a blessing.

Myself and Stuart grew up here and love our corner of Scotland.

As a family of four, we do most things together, Our favourite is exploring the North east coast beaches, we are really spoiled for choice here. However, we too like a mini break just us adults, get a little 'us' time and unwind from the day to day.

Together and before kids, we always enjoyed short breaks in cabins, lodges and other unique stays around the UK. So our aim for Rustic Hollow was to create somewhere beautiful, unique and a place we would choose to stay ourselves.

The whole concept for us is modern design meets rustic finishes and surroundings, beautiful settings emerged in nature but of course, with all the home comforts. Imagine Straight lines broken by whispy grasses and informal planting..... You get the idea.

As a family, we have been hands-on as much as possible throughout, from overgrown field to what you see today, we have been fully involved, physically, mentally and emotionally.

There has been blood, sweat and a few tears soaked into the site but we have enjoyed the process and it has made us even more proud of what we have created.

It is just the beginning for Rustic Hollow and our work is not done yet, we will continue to improve the site and take on all feedback, so we can make this a success. We want our guests to love it as we do.

Thanks for reading. Now treat yourself and book a night or two away.

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